educational programs

educational programs

Educational Outreach

The charter of the Society states as its purpose, “to assist in the education of Americans to the great heritage of liberty and law exemplified by the founders of our country.”
To that end, the Society funds two Educational Programs: Compact Awards and Educational Outreach.

The Educational Program was begun in 1993 as a direct way to bring the real story of the Mayflower Pilgrims to students in the 2nd to 5th Grades. The New York Society funds the visits of two Plimoth Plantation museum-trained instructors who twice yearly make classroom presentations to students in New York City schools. In 2015 more than 1,300 NYC students enjoyed the presentations given by these instructors. The total for the last twenty-one years; 32,800 students have been directly affected by our Outreach Program!


The Outreach Program is best described by one of the Plimoth Plantation instructors Malka Benjamin. “As a first-person historical interpreter, my job is to take on the identity of a real person who lived almost 400 years ago in order to create a fun and engaging portal for people to learn about history”. Ms. Benjamin is adept at portraying several female Pilgrims: Mary Brewster, who in 1627 was 17 years old, and Goodwife Constance Snow.

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Compact Awards

For ninety years the New York Society has been giving Compact Awards to senior high school students who have exhibited a proficiency in the history of the United States and an understanding of the US Constitution. The winner’s receive a $100 check and a Mayflower Compact certificate inscribed with their name and the name of their school. Each public school chooses two recipients, private schools choose one; each year more than 125 awards are presented throughout New York State.

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Margaret Moore Essay Scholarship $1620

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In 2004, the Margaret K. Moore Essay was funded with a contribution from her Estate to the NY Society’s Endowment. High schools throughout New York State are invited annually to submit essays from three of their high school juniors or seniors. Sample topics for these two-page essays have included “The Mayflower’s Importance Today” or “The Mayflower Pilgrim’s Contribution to Early American History”. The winner is awarded a certificate and a check for $1,620.