The 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ first steps upon the North American continent will be celebrated in the year 2020—just four years from now. In honor of that occasion, and to help assure your Society’s ability to continue to celebrate the legacy of the Pilgrims in future years, the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York has launched a capital campaign called the Campaign for Four Hundred.

The goal of the Campaign is both simple and ambitious. The New York Society seeks to raise the sum of $400,000, which will be added to its endowment. We hope to achieve this goal by 2020,when the 400th anniversary rolls around. Achieving this goal will put the New York Society on a firm financial footing for the future, supporting our educational outreach programs and helping us perpetuate the memory of the remarkable courage faith and kindness of the Pilgrims as their lives and deeds become ever more remote in time—but no less important or exemplary.

This Campaign is being guided by a Committee of members
of the New York Society that is called the Committee for
Four Hundred.

Every member of the New York Society is eligible to participate in the Committee—all that is necessary is to express an interest and make a contribution to the Campaign. Committee membership will not involve any substantial effort beyond reading the occasional email and, of course, making one’s contribution.


Pilgrims: $400

1620 Society: $1,620

Compact Society: $16,200

We hope that all members of the New York Society who have not yet done so will consider making a contribution to support the Campaign for Four Hundred. We firmly hope and believe that with your help, the Campaign will succeed, and will enable the New York Society to fulfill its mission over the next four hundred years, and beyond.

Faithfully yours,

The Committee for Four Hundred
New York Mayflower

the compact scroll
1620 rock