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Educational Programs

The charter of the Society states as its purpose, “to assist in the education of Americans to the great heritage of liberty and law exemplified by the founders of our country.”  To that end, the Society funds two Educational Programs: Compact Awards and Educational Outreach.


                    compactCompact Awards

In 1923, the Compact Awards Program was initiated. It began with the awarding of a medal to a recipient for an essay on Pilgrim history and five private schools participated. In the 1930's the recipient also received a copy of the Mayflower Compact.   Today the Society awards more than one hundred $100 savings bonds and a personalized engraved Mayflower Compact each year to students from 55 public and 12 private schools throughout New York State.  The selection is made by the school to a student who has exhibited a proficiency in the history of the U.S. and an understanding of the Constitution.




outreachEducational Outreach

Our Educational Program was begun in 1993 as a direct way to bring the real story of the Mayflower Pilgrims to students in the 2nd to 6th grades.  Through our association with Plimoth Plantation, we fund the visits of their museum instructors to New York schools twice a year.  The instructors, who are certified museum teachers, dress in authentic clothing of the 1620's, speak in the native dialect, and bring artifacts and clothing for the students to touch and try on.  These modern day “Pilgrims” give students a direct “eye-witness” experience of Pilgrim life in 1627.


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